Fireworks can be fun - and a great way to celebrate our country's birthday. But they can also be dangerous, especially for children, and especially if parents don't know how fireworks safety. In this article, learn how to have a fun and safe fireworks experience this Fourth of July.

Preventing Child Injuries: Fireworks Safety For Independence Day

Andrew Kim
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Independence Day is a wonderful holiday mean for family, celebrating our country, and thinking back on United States history. The Fourth of July is also a time of recreational fireworks use – an activity that can be fun, but that also poses serious dangers, especially for children, and especially when those using fireworks do not follow the law.

Despite safety warnings, there are still an estimated 9,000 serious fireworks injuries each summer. Almost half of all fireworks injuries affect children under the age of 15.

Here are the best ways to prevent fireworks injuries and encourage fireworks safety in Washington State:

•    Use fireworks as intended. Do not “try something new” with a firework or combine multiple fireworks.
•    Read the instructions and follow them closely.
•    Use fireworks outdoors only.
•    Make sure observers are a safe distance away from where fireworks are being lit.
•    Have water nearby in case of fire – many use a hose or a bucket.
•    Store your fireworks in a cool, dry place away from children.
•    Do not give sparklers to young children.
•    Do not try to relight a “dud” firework. Instead, stay away from the firework for an hour and then place it in water.
•    Do not allow young children to use or light fireworks.
•    Never mix alcohol, drinking, or drugs with fireworks.
•    Never use illegal fireworks or homemade fireworks. Only buy fireworks from reputable sellers.
•    Never set off fireworks inside or in an enclosed area.
•    Never launch fireworks from a glass or metal container.
•    Do not wear loose clothing while lighting fireworks.
•    Do not carry fireworks in your pockets or on your person.