About 40 ghost bikes have been placed at fatal cyclist accidents sites throughout Seattle; memorials meant to spread bike accident awareness and education.

Seattle Ghost Bikes: Spreading Bike Accident Awareness Through Memorial & Sculpture

This week, an odd piece of art appeared at the intersection of Pike Street and Boren Avenue on Capitol Hill in Seattle: two bikes, painted all white, hung on a light pole. Along with the bikes was a small placard that read, “A cyclist was struck here.” The mysterious installation is part memorial and part safety campaign. It was created in remembrance of 18-year-old Nap Cantwell, a biker who was struck by a van at that intersection on May 29. He died of his Seattle bike accident injuries a week later at Harborview Medical Center, with his parents and sister at his side. 

Ghost Bikes: Creating Awareness for Cyclists and Drivers Alike

Since 2005, a secretive organization called GhostCycle has placed about 40 of these eerie white bikes around Seattle, all at locations where a cyclist has been seriously injured or killed. Similar groups and similar installations can be found across the country. In Seattle, the organization has about two-dozen members, but none identify themselves in an effort to keep the focus on bike accident prevention and bike-car collision victims. 

Mapping Bike Accident Locations in Seattle

In addition to placing ghost bikes around the country, the GhostCycle group also tracks Seattle bike accidents online. Noting both the locations of the wrecks and the stories of cyclists who have been involved in accidents, the group hopes that the online information will help Seattle residents better understand where the dangerous areas are to bike and how many bike accidents take place. Washington residents are encouraged to go online and share their stories, view the map of accidents, and share what they have learned. 

Seattle Bike Accident Attorney 

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