Halloween is a fun holiday for the whole family - but walking around your neighborhood at night in costumes does come with its dangers. In this article, learn a few easy ways that you can make Halloween safer for your family and reduce the chances that your child is involved in a pedestrian accident on October 31.

Halloween Safety For Kids: Preventing Pedestrian Accidents

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What’s the scariest part of Halloween? For parents, it shouldn’t monsters, ghosts, and goblins, but rather the hidden dangers of sending your kids out to trick-or-treat at night. In fact, there are four times as many child pedestrian accidents, injuries, and deaths on October 31 as there are on any other day of the year.

How can you prevent a pedestrian accident on Halloween this year?

•    Make sure your kids are visible. Give all of your kids flashlights and glowsticks and if possible, dress them in brightly, light-colored clothing. If their costume is dark, apply some reflector strips before they head out.
•    Pick an appropriate neighborhood for trick-or-treating. Avoid neighborhoods with high speed limits, no sidewalks, or poor lighting. Pick quiet neighborhoods with low traffic and that are popular on Halloween.
•    Beware of masks or wigs that affect your kids’ vision. Your child may be more likely not to see oncoming cars if his or her mask eliminates peripheral vision.
•    Beware of long costumes. Costumes that drag along the ground are not just annoying – they can cause tripping that can be especially dangerous around traffic.
•    Tag along. If you have younger children, make sure that they are accompanied by a vigilant adult. If you have older children who can trick-or-treat alone, make sure that you know what route they will be taking and when they will get home.
•    Review pedestrian safety tips with your kids. Children may get excited on Halloween – or think that the regular rules don’t apply on this holiday. Make certain that they remember all of the normal safety precautions about crossing the street, walking on roads, and looking both ways.