Was there more than one driver in the truck that caused your accident? The co-driver may have been negligent and liable for compensating you for your injuries.

Could a Co-Driver Have Been Responsible for Causing Your Commercial Truck Collision?

Some trucking companies have a second driver go on a route with the primary driver as a trainee or relief driver. This person can take over the driving while the other individual takes required breaks, which can reduce the time it takes to deliver a load. However, these co-drivers sometimes cause or are partially to blame for tragic truck accidents that result in victims in other vehicles suffering catastrophic injuries or death.

How Bellevue Co-Drivers Cause Truck Crashes

Second drivers have a duty to act in a safe manner and to take reasonable steps to prevent an accident. Ways these truckers breach their duty and cause wrecks include:

  • Engaging in horseplay. When a co-driver is the passenger, he can cause dangerous distractions if he is engaged in horseplay or is otherwise distracting the driver, such as by showing him a text, video, or something on the Internet.
  • Lacking experience. Like the primary trucker, a second driver must meet the basic requirements for driving a commercial truck and have the experience and training to do so. If he is unqualified, he can engage in negligent driving practices, such as speeding, making unsafe lane changes, or driving when intoxicated, that can cause a catastrophic collision.
  • Not taking necessary actions. One of the co-driver’s jobs is to take action if he sees the person driving the truck engaged in dangerous practices. If he sees the other driver texting, fighting to stay awake, being distracted by his cellphone, or driving recklessly, he can be found negligent if does not try to stop these unsafe driving practices and an accident occurs.
  • Not completing the logbook. While on the road, federal regulations require both the trucker and co-driver to accurately complete the logbook documenting how long each person drove and when they took breaks. Failure to complete the logbook accurately can be a violation of federal rules and a sign that the drivers violated the hours of service regulations regarding how long they were allowed to drive before taking a break.

Was more than one truck driver in the truck that caused your collision in Bellevue or the Seattle area? Determining which one was the negligent party can be complicated. Our experienced truck accident attorneys are here to investigate your accident and fight so that all liable parties pay you the compensation that you deserve for your injuries. Call our office today to schedule your free consultation to learn more about your legal options.