Were you injured in an intersection accident? Learn the common causes of these crashes and why quickly hiring an experienced car accident attorney is vital.

How You Could Be Injured in a Car Accident at a Busy Seattle Intersection

Dangerous Seattle interesectionsCar accidents at intersections are common and often tragically preventable. The dangers are not only present at Seattle’s confusing crossroads, such as 7th & 40th or MLK, Jr. & Rainier, but also at stop signs and four-way stops throughout the Seattle and Bellevue area. Even when the vehicles are traveling at a slower speed, victims can sustain serious injuries.

What Are the Major Causes of Intersection Accidents?

T-Bone accidents, rear-end collisions, and head-on crashes are some of the types of accidents that can occur when a driver is negligent and causes an intersection accident. Occupants in motor vehicles are not the only ones in danger. Pedestrians and bicyclists can suffer catastrophic injuries if hit by a car in an intersection. Common causes of these accidents include:

  • Speeding
  • Racing through an intersection to beat a yellow or red light
  • Following too closely or intentionally tailgating a driver
  • Making an improper lane change
  • Failing to yield the right of way at a traffic signal, stop sign, or four-way stop
  • Failing to obey traffic signs and signals
  • Making an improper turn
  • Misjudging the speed of a driver with the right of way
  • Engaging in distracted driving
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Driving too fast for weather conditions

In some cases, factors other than driver negligence are the cause. Unclear road signs, confusing lanes, inadequate lighting, and defective signals can also be to blame. In these cases, retaining an experienced car accident attorney immediately after a crash is essential to identify the liable parties and to comply with any special notice requirements if a city or other municipality is at-fault.

Contact Us for Help If You Were Injured in an Intersection Crash

Another reason you need to retain a lawyer as soon as possible is for help preserving evidence before it is destroyed. Traffic monitoring and red light cameras at intersections and surveillance tapes from nearby businesses may be vital evidence to prove the other driver’s negligence, but could be taped over if not retrieved quickly.

The experienced car accident attorneys at Andrew Kim Law Firm, PLLC, can evaluate your case and take the necessary steps so you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries. To learn more, call our office to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.