Seattle gets more rain per year than any other city in America - and rainy days means wet roads. If you live in Western Washington, it is very important to know the dangers of rainy roads and how to drive when it is raining.

Seattle Driving Hazards: Rain Can Make A Safe Road Treacherous

Seattle is well known for its rainy weather – but while rainstorms are what make Seattle the Rainy City, they also make Washington roads more hazardous. Most drivers understand to use caution when there is snow or ice on the road, but fewer drivers understand that rainy roads can be just as slick and just as dangerous. Just this week in Seattle, a well-known musician was killed on Highway 20 in Winthrop when a teen driver lost control of his car on wet roads and slammed into the other vehicle head-on.

Below, read a few rainy road driving tips and prevent rain-related car accidents:

•    Be extra careful when it rains after a long dry spell. During dry spells in between rainstorms, engine oil and other substances collect on roads. When rain does come, the roads become even slicker than normal and drivers should exercise extra caution.
•    Realize that rain significantly hurts visibility. While many know that rain causes slippery roads, fewer drivers realize that rain – especially heavy showers – can greatly reduce visibility. Be sure to turn on your headlights and windshield wipers to help improve visibility.
•    Never speed – and consider going under the speed limit. You should never speed, but be especially careful to monitor how fast you are going when it is raining. Speeding makes it more likely that you will hydroplane and more likely that you will lose control of your car.
•    Make small and light movements
. Gently press your gas pedal and brake pedal – and gently turn your steering wheel. Sudden movements could cause your car to hydroplane or skid out.
•    Give other vehicles extra distance. Every time of vehicle needs more time and space to come to a stop in the rain. In a storm, leave more room behind the vehicle in front of you than you would normally.
•    If you do hydroplane, slowly take your foot off of the gas and hold the car steady. Tap your brake lightly if you must, but don’t slam it down.

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