Does your child walk to school in North Tacoma? Don’t miss this article about how to keep your child safe from a serious pedestrian accident.

How to Protect Your Child During the Walk to School in North Tacoma

Will your child trip, fall, and skin her knee? Will another child say something mean that hurt’s your child’s feelings? Maybe. As unpleasant as these situations are, the truth is that they may be unavoidable.

But You are Not Helpless—You Can Help Protect Your Child

While you can’t prevent every hurt feeling or minor injury, there are things that you can do to make sure that your child is safe as he or she walks to school in North Tacoma. More specifically, you can help your child avoid the serious, potentially fatal, consequences of a pedestrian accident as he or she walks to Jefferson Elementary School, Jason Lee Middle School, Wilson High School, or any of our other public or private schools.

You can, for example:

  • Review and enforce the rules. Do not let your child walk to or from school unless he or she knows when to stop, what route to take, what to do at intersections and other safety rules.
  • Accompany younger children. Some children may need assistance.
  • Troubleshoot. Give your children scenarios that could come up and make sure that your child knows what to do if something unexpected happens.
  • Know who your child is walking with. If those children take risks or could influence your child’s decisions, then you might want your child to walk with other kids.
  • Consider alternatives. If you do not believe that walking to school is safe, then consider alternatives such as bus or car transport.

There are physical and mental health benefits for children who walk to school in North Tacoma. It is a healthy habit to encourage if it can be done safely. However, you must do your part to make sure that your child is safe and so too must other motorists.

Make Sure Your Child Knows What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident

Unfortunately, every accident can’t be prevented and your child must know what to do if a pedestrian accident occurs on the way to or from school. Whether your child is involved in the accident, or witnesses the accident, encourage your child to call 911 or have someone nearby make the phone call. Then, your child should call you.

Your child may need medical and legal help after a pedestrian accident in North Tacoma. Please do not hesitate to get your child the help that he or she needs and please share this article with other parents in your neighborhood so that, together, you can work to keep your children safe.