You may not have been able to avoid an I-5 car accident brain injury in Tacoma, but your recovery may be within your control. Find out how.

Three Steps You Can Take to Recover From an I-5 Car Accident Brain Injury in Tacoma

Right now it may seem like there is no way that things will get better. Your brain injury has changed you and has changed the course of your life. While we can’t promise you that things will be as they were prior to your Interstate 5 car accident, there are things that you can do to protect your possible car accident recovery if someone else’s negligent or intentional actions—or inactions—have left you suffering a traumatic brain injury.

Three Things You Should Do Today to Protect Your Tomorrows

An I-5 car accident brain injury can have a lasting effect. In order to protect yourself, it is important to:

  • Find a good doctor. A proper diagnosis and treatment plan are critical to your physical recovery. A prompt diagnosis can also help prove that it was the car accident that caused your injury.
  • Follow your doctor’s advice. You do not want to go back to school, work, or regular activities too soon, nor do you want to give up on rehabilitation therapies too soon. If you do, then you could jeopardize your recovery.
  • Watch what you say to insurance adjusters. Everything that you say can later be used against you. Insurance adjusters are not working in your best interest. Instead, they work for insurance companies who want to pay you as little as possible. Thus, it is important to protect your rights by being cautious around insurance adjusters.

Additionally, you may want to contact an experienced lawyer to protect your financial recovery.

Don’t Handle All the What-Ifs Alone

Your potential recovery is dependent on many factors. You should not have to anticipate all things that could possibly impact your legal and financial recovery. Instead, you should be able to focus on your physical and emotional recovery and know that experienced Tacoma personal injury lawyers are fighting hard to protect your legal and financial recoveries. Please read our testimonials section to find out more about our commitment to our clients and please call us today to discuss how we may help you during this difficult time.

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