If you are attacked by a dog, how should you react and what should you do? Should you try to fight back? Should you yell for help? Should you curl up into a ball? In this article, we discuss the best plan of action during a dog attack that will minimize injury and hopefully shorten the attack.

What To Do During A Dog Attack

While many people are familiar with what they should do to avoid a dog attack, fewer people know what to do or how to act if a dog attack takes place. Unfortunately, some dog attacks are not preventable – and each year hundreds of Washington State residents find themselves suddenly knocked down by or in the grip of an aggressive dog. It is vital to know how to best handle this situation to minimize injury and to stop the attack.

•    Protect your face and neck.
In many cases, the most devastating and dangerous dog bites involve the head and neck. It is very important to protect these two parts of your body from damage. Press your chin to your chest and cover your face with your hands or arms. Roll into a ball if possible.
•    Try to remain calm. As odd as it sounds, dogs can sense emotions. If you are fearful and scared, the dog may believe that acting aggressively is the correct response.
•    Do not try to fight back. In most cases, fighting back will only make the dog continue to attack you. Instead, try to remain still and protected. If you do attack the dog, target its most sensitive areas, such as its eyes or nose.
•    Do not run from an aggressive dog. If you untangle yourself from the dog attack, resist the urge to run away – you may encourage the dog to run after you. Walk away slowly.

If you have been seriously injured in a dog attack in Washington State, talk to a knowledgeable dog bite attorney about your case!