Did you suffer injuries in a head-on collision? Find out what truckers do to cause these crashes that lead to catastrophic injuries and deaths.

How Truck Drivers Cause Victims to Suffer Serious Injuries or Death in Head-On Crashes

When a truck hits a much lighter and smaller passenger vehicle head on, the results can be catastrophic. These accidents were a leading cause of truck accident victims’ deaths in 2016—causing 639 deaths, which was 31 percent of all fatalities. Many victims who survive sustain life-altering injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, paralysis, back injuries, and internal organ damage.

Major Causes of Head-On Collisions

Like many other types of truck accidents, the major cause of a head-on collision is truck driver error. Common mistakes truckers make that cause them to cross the center lane and collide with your vehicle include:

  • Wide turns. When a trucker makes a turn that is too wide, his rig can cross over into a lane of oncoming traffic.
  • Curves. Because of the large size and weight of a truck, it can be difficult to navigate a curve. If the trucker is speeding, he can lose control and veer over the center line.
  • Improper passing. If a trucker is attempting to pass a slower vehicle on a two-lane road, he can cause a head-on collision if he misjudges that he had sufficient time to pass.
  • Distracted driving. When truckers talk on a cellphone, text, eat and drink, or engage in other distracted driving practices, they are not focusing on their driving, and a head-on collision can be the tragic consequence.
  • Drowsy driving. Truckers drive for long hours without a break. If they fall asleep at the wheel or are fighting to stay awake, their truck can head into oncoming traffic without them realizing it until it is too late.
  • Intoxication. Being intoxicated due to drug or alcohol use when driving a truck is especially dangerous. It can lead to the trucker driving the wrong way on a highway entrance or exit ramp, falling asleep at the wheel, speeding, and engaging in other unsafe actions that can cause you or your loved one to be injured in a wreck.
  • Jackknife accident. In a jackknife accident, the truck’s trailer swings out from behind the cab right into oncoming traffic—often in multiple lanes of traffic.   

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