A Seattle dog bite lawyer explains the best course of action to take if you see a dog attack taking place or if a dog attack has just happened.

Seattle Dog Bite Lawyer: What to Do If You See a Dog Attacking a Person

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We have already covered what to do if a dog attacks you and how to educate your children to respond if they are involved in a dog attack. But what should you do if you see a dog attacking another person? While the answer depends on the situation (How many dogs? Who is in trouble? What is your ability to help?), there are a few steps you can take in all cases.

  • Call for help on the phone. Whether or not you are able to approach the situation and help personally, you should call for help immediately. If the dog attack is serious, call 911 and ask for emergency assistance. If a dangerous dog is causing trouble in your neighborhood but has not attacked, call your local animal control officials.

  • Shout for help. The dog bite victim may be unable to call for help or too frightened to do so. Shout for help, both to alert others of a dangerous dog and to see if anyone in the area can help you break off the attack or if anyone is better equipped to handle the aggressive dog safely.

  • If you are not able to help, protect yourself and others. Throwing yourself into the dog attack can result in your receiving serious injuries and might not help the victim, especially if you are not able to physically stop the attack or if you are not aware of what steps to take to stop the attack. Sometimes the best step to take is to get to somewhere safe and make sure other vulnerable people, such as children and the elderly, are out of the dog’s path.

  • If you believe you are able to help, do so with caution. In our news section, we have covered the stories of brave men and women breaking up dogfights with sticks and weapons or even with their bare hands. While this is not a safe option for many, some may choose to take action, especially if their loved one is being attacked. If you choose this route, try to take a weapon (such as a stick) with you and be sure to protect your arms, face, and neck if possible. Review our tips on what to do if you are attacked by a dog.

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