An expert witness may help you prove your right to compensation following a truck accident. Here, we explain the types of experts who may be useful.

Expert Witnesses May Be Crucial to Winning Your Truck Wreck Case

Truck accidents tend to be more complex than automobile collisions, and victims can suffer much more catastrophic injuries—or even death. Because of the higher value of claims in these cases, the insurance company may fight harder or longer to deny a claim for compensation. Retaining an expert witness may be essential to resolving disputes with the insurance company and reaching a fair settlement in your case.

Which Experts Could Be Needed in a Truck Accident Case?

An expert is someone who is qualified due to education, work experience, and training to give an opinion about certain issues in a case. While not always needed, they can be invaluable in helping a person injured in a truck accident obtain the compensation he deserves. They may be able to address a number of issues in these cases, such as federal rules governing the trucking company and trucker, safety and maintenance issues, truck driver negligent behaviors, electronic data analysis from the truck, and much more. Some of the experts that could be helpful in your case include:

  • Accident reconstruction expert. An accident reconstruction expert or forensic engineer can help establish the cause of a crash and create a reenactment of it. He can view the crash scene, pictures, videos, truck black box, and other information to develop a compelling reenactment that shows how the trucker’s negligence caused the wreck.
  • Safety experts. If violations of federal regulations governing the trucking industry, such as hours of service regulations or other safety issues, are involved in your case, you may need to retain a safety expert who can explain the violations and how they led to your truck accident.
  • Medical experts. Because your injuries are the basis of your claim, your attorney will most likely hire a physician to issue an opinion on the severity of your injuries, medical treatments needed, and your future prognosis.
  • Mental health professionals. Psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and other mental health professionals can help document the pain and suffering you experienced and anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, or other illness you suffer from due to your injuries.
  • Economic expert. An economic expert may be needed to calculate your future wage losses and medical expenses if you will not fully recover from your injuries. If you become disabled and will be unable to work, he can determine how much you should receive for your lost earning capacity.

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