Truck accidents are different from car accidents in many ways. Learn about unique factors in truck accidents that could affect your claim for compensation.

Key Differences Between Truck and Auto Crashes

Truck and car accidents are very different. However, many truck accident victims make the mistake of treating their claim the same as if they were injured in a passenger vehicle crash. The reality is that truck injury claims are much more complicated and involve issues not found in car accidents. By understanding these key differences, you can increase the likelihood that you will receive what you deserve if you suffered injuries in a truck wreck.

What Are Important Differences Between Truck and Car Wrecks That You Need to Know?

There are a number of unique characteristics of truck accidents and claims that could affect your claim for compensation. Some of these differences include:

  • Size and weight. Because of the size and weight differences of an 80,000 pound truck and a 5,000 pound passenger vehicle, the force of impact in a truck accident will be much greater. This often results in victims suffering much more serious injuries or death and property damage, which increases the value of these claims.
  • Different federal regulations. Trucking companies and truck drivers must comply with detailed regulations regarding truck driver qualifications, the hours of service regulations limiting the hours a trucker can drive, truck inspections, truck maintenance, and much more. Violation of these rules is a common cause of truck crashes.
  • Larger claims. Because a truck accident can cause more serious injuries and property damage, the claims of accident victims tend to be larger. This can also result in the insurance companies for the trucker and trucking company fighting harder to reduce or deny a claim.
  • Different evidence. In truck crash cases, a victim may need different evidence to prove the trucker’s and trucking company’s negligence, such as driver logs, truck’s black box, inspection records, company manuals and policies, and much more.
  • Larger insurance policies. Trucking companies have larger liability insurance coverage than other motorists. This means that there will be more funds to compensate a victim of a truck accident.
  • More liable parties. In truck accidents, more than the negligent truck driver could be responsible for compensating victims. Depending on the cause of the crash, this could include the trucking company, supplier, repair maintenance facility, and truck or parts manufacturer. In many car accident cases, there is only the negligent driver to turn to for compensation.

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