If your child has been injured by crib bumpers, you deserve compensation. Know your rights.

Don’t Let Crib Bumpers Endanger Your Child’s Safety

Baby crib with comforter and rail bumpersWhen you’re shopping for children’s furniture, you’ll likely come across some baby cribs with bumpers. Bumpers are padded pieces of fabric that can be tied around the wooden slats, making the crib look cute and comfortable. Tragically, however, these bumpers can be deadly when babies are caught in the fabric and suffocate.

Crib Bumper Injuries

A study published in The Journal of Pediatrics reports that 23 babies died over a seven-year span—between 2006 and 2012—from suffocation due to a crib bumper. This death rate is three times higher than the average number of casualties that occurred during the three previous seven-year time spans. These tragedies occurred when a baby’s face got caught in the bumper, leaving him unable to breathe.

Injury Causes

Researchers found that most bumper-related injuries were caused by poor bumper design or construction. For instance, suffocations resulted from an insufficient number of bottom ties, allowing infants’ faces to get trapped in the bumpers. Incidents involving choking and strangulation occurred due to detached bumper ties and decorations, frayed ribbons, and loose stuffing. Despite the data, crib bumpers remain popular among expecting parents, who see them in stores, magazines, and catalogues featuring celebrity nurseries.

Crib Bumper Warnings

Bumpers were originally used to prevent a baby from falling out of his crib or from getting his arms and legs caught in the rails. However, falls have since been prevented by regulations requiring narrow wooden crib slats, and a sleeping sack is a more effective way to protect arms and legs.

That’s why the American Academy of Pediatrics, the National Institutes of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have all issued warnings about crib bumpers, advising parents not to use them.

You Need an Attorney

If your child has been injured by crib bumpers or any other dangerous product, you deserve compensation. To discuss the details of your claim, contact the law offices of Andrew Kim Law Firm, PLLC, by using the form on this page.