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Potential Injuries Associated With Frontal-Impact Collisions

One of the most common types of collisions you can sustain, second only to rear-end collisions, is the head-on collision. A head-on, or frontal, collision occurs when the front of your vehicle slams into another object. The object hit can vary from a stationary pole or the back of a parked car to the front of an oncoming vehicle. However, the severity of frontal collisions and their risks remain the same—even in minor collisions, damage and injuries can be severe—due to the nature of the frontal impact.  

Head on collision between two carsInjuries That Can Result From a Frontal Collision

Injuries ranging from concussions and brain injuries to internal bleeding and organ failure are only a few concerns associated with head-on collisions. Depending on the severity, these types of accidents can lead to:

  • Crushing injuries. The hood and dashboard can be crushed inward toward you and your passengers, causing injuries.
  • Safety restraint injuries. When a car abruptly stops due to an impact, you and your passenger can be violently pushed forward into your restraints. The force of the impact causes your seatbelt to place excessive pressure on your collarbone and pelvis, causing them to fracture. Likewise, an airbag deployment can force your head and neck violently backward just as the initial impact propelled you forward.
  • Cuts and lacerations. If a restraint was not used, the force of the oncoming collision could propel you through the windshield or cause broken glass and debris to fly toward you.

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