Hundreds of letter carriers are injured each year by dogs along their route. Learn how to prevent mailman dog attack incidents in your neighborhood.

Protecting Your Mail Carrier From Dog Bites & Dog Attacks

This month we shared a new report with you from the United States Post Office regarding mail carriers and dog bites. Shockingly, Seattle is the tenth most dangerous city in the country for letter carries and dog bites – and just last year 28 mailmen were injured while delivering letters within the city limits.

Most, if not all, of these dog attacks are completely preventable. Making certain that your pets do not harm those coming to your door or visiting your home is not just the right thing to do – it can also help you prevent dog bite liability claims and other legal issues.

How can you help prevent your dog from biting letter carriers and other visitors at your door?

•    Put your dog in another area before going to the door. Sometimes the easiest solutions are the best. Avoid all chances of a dog attack on your property by securing your animals in the back yard or closing them in a room before you answer the door. Your dog cannot bite a visitor if they are in another area altogether.
•    Make sure your dog is under voice control. With dogs, a little training goes a long way. If your dog will sit and stay even under exciting circumstances, your dog will be far less likely to harm another person. Training can take time, patience, and even money, but it pays off in the end.
•    Socialize your dog. Postal workers are most often harmed by pets that are chained in their yards or left outside for much of the day. These dogs are far more likely to mistrust humans and act aggressively toward strangers. If you dog is well-exercised, used to people, and mentally healthy, it is less likely to bite.
•    Meet your mail carrier. If you have a dog that may be in the yard or home when a mail carrier is present, introduce the two. Dogs are less likely to bite if they are familiar with a person and associate them with petting and treats, and mail carriers may be able to stop an attack if they know the dog’s name and behaviors.
•    Know when your mail arrives. Knowing when to be on the lookout for your mail carrier can help you make sure that your dog is either with you or in a fenced area when he or she arrives with your mail.

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