A Washington personal injury attorney discusses Marginal Way in Seattle and how it is a common area for bicycle accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

Seattle Injury Attorney: Understanding Marginal Way Bicycle Accidents

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On the morning of May 1, a man was commuting to work along East Marginal Way South in West Seattle when he slammed into the left side of a tractor-trailer turning right onto Marginal from South Hanford Street. The man died at the scene of the Seattle bike accident, while the trucker admitted that he didn’t even realize what had happened. 

Sadly, bike commuters who use this route to get to work in downtown Seattle were not at all surprised that a fatal cyclist accident had taken place on this area of Marginal Way—and some even admitted that they were surprised collisions between commercial trucks and bikers don’t happen more often. 

Marginal Way: the danger for cyclists

Bike safety advocates have been pointing out the dangers of this area for years—and the city of Seattle agrees that something needs to be done. About 12,000 vehicles use the road each morning and evening, and an estimated 286 bicycles use the road during peak rush hour. 

After suburban cyclists cross the West Seattle Bridge and make their way toward the heart of the city, they are spit out onto a sidewalk. They must cross Marginal Way at some point to access the safer bike lanes and bike paths that lead to downtown. The intersection where the most recent fatality took place is one that short-haul truck drivers use after picking up their morning loads—and most bikers choose to cross the street illegally in other areas than risk being struck by a commercial truck while trying to navigate traffic. Although traveling diagonally across the truck route has its own dangers, many bikers would rather do so than biking in the South Hanford Street intersection. 

Marginal Way: possible solutions

Seattle is currently reviewing a Bicycle Master Plan, which bike safety advocates hope includes a fix for Marginal Way bike commuters. Many believe that a cycle track—a lane that completely separates cyclists from the main roadway—is the best solution to save lives and prevent future accidents. However, while the Mayor and the Seattle Department of Transportation (Seattle DOT) both stated that they want to see an immediate fix along the route, others note that the city has been aware of the dangerous area for at least five years. 

Seattle bike accident attorney 

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