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Mercer Island Car Accident Attorney

Mercer Island, WA : mercerThe City of Mercer Island was incorporated from East Seattle on 5 July 1960 and all island less the 70 acre business district. Just over one month later, 9 August, the Town of Mercer Island was incorporated from that business district. The two aforementioned municipalities merged as the City of Mercer Island 19 May 1970.

In Washington State as well as all over the country, car accidents and crashes can happen in an instant and affect thousands of people in Mercer Island every year. With daily commuters heading towards Bellevue and Seattle, there is a lot of traffic that moves in and out of Mercer Island. Car accidents unfortunately can affect innocent drivers that have done nothing wrong. In many cases, the consequences of these accidents can last for years. Beyond the trauma of the initial event, automobile accidents can be extremely stressful, painful, overwhelming, and financially difficult.

Mercer Island Car Accident Statistics:

2009 -    Total Collisions: 282

               Fatal Collisions: 0

               Serious Injuries: 9

               Minor Injuries: 120

               Alcohol Involved Collisions: 11

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