Motorcycle riders in Washington State should be wary of fluid from other vehicles on the road as they can cause accidents in more ways than one.

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Motorcyle Accidents

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Motorcyle Accidents

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Seattle Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: Beware Fluids on the Road

Andrew Kim
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Personal Injury, Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Wrongful Death and Catastrofic Injuries Attorney

Last month, we wrote about where in their lane motorcycle riders should bike—and how the center of the lane isn’t always the best choice for a number of reasons. One reason that the center of the road isn’t always the safest spot for motorcycles is that other, four-wheeled vehicles drip fluids onto the road that can cause motorcycle accidents. 

While many motorcyclists are aware of the danger of rain, ice, and snow on the road, fewer are aware of the dangers that other fluids, such as oil and coolant, can pose to riders. 

Here’s the safety information you need to have regarding motorcycle accidents and fluid spills:

  • Fluid tends to collect in the center of the lane rather than on the edges of the lane, as well as places where cars and trucks stop for extended periods of time, such as intersections and toll booths. Be extra aware when riding over these areas. 
  • Fluids like oil can damage your tires over time and could therefore cause a motorcycle accident. Check your tires regularly for issues and try to stay out of the center of the lane when possible or when fluids are visible. 
  • Fluids can get on your feet. When you put your boot down on the pavement at a stop sign, stoplight, or intersection, you may be placing it on a fluid, like oil. This can cause you to slip when you put your foot down or it can cause your foot to slip when placing back on the pegs. 
  • Accelerate slowly when at intersections. Intersections can be some of the most slippery places on the road, and peeling out can cause a wipeout. It’s smart to accelerate slowly after stopping for several reasons, and dangerous fluids on the road is just one of them. 

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