Speeding is one of the major causes of motorcycle accidents across Washington State - a speeding bike can go out of control, miss negotiating a turn, and ultimately lead to serious motorcycle injuries and motorcycle accidents. Learn about how and why speeding is a leading cause of motorbike crashes in Washington.

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Motorcyle Accidents

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Motorcyle Accidents

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Speed And Motorcycles: A Formula For Serious Injuries In Washington State

Just last month, a Seattle man was negotiating a curve on Highway 101 when he lost control of his bike and struck a pickup truck traveling in the opposite lane. This summer in Seattle, two men crashed their motorcycles when they struck an obstruction while traveling at a high rate of speed – one motorcycle rider was killed and the other was seriously injured. Last year in Edmunds, Washington, a 17-year-old girl suffered a serious head injury when her boyfriend sped into a utility pole.

What do these three Washington State motorcycle accidents have in common? They were all caused by speeding. Unfortunately, speeding is one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. Only slightly less common than driving under the influence and being struck by unaware drivers, speeding often leads to serious head injuries, dangerous internal injuries, and death.

Motorcycles are already more dangerous than other vehicles, and speed makes then even more dangerous. While pot holes, grooved pavement, loose gravel, and other road conditions are not safe for any biker, a speeding biker will be even less able to navigate rough roads. In addition, rear-end accidents that are all too common for motorcycle riders can go from a minor accident to a deadly one is speed is a factor in the crash.

There are two common reasons that motorcycle riders speed. Many speeding motorcycle riders are simply inexperienced and cannot control their bikes at certain speeds and do not understand how fast is too fast. These riders may enter a curve too fast or lost control of their bikes, causing serious motorcycle accidents and serious motorcycle injuries. Other speeding motorcycle riders may be experienced drivers who are treating their vehicle too much like a recreational toy – breaking the speed limit on purpose for the thrill of the ride and putting others on the roads in danger.