A Seattle motorcycle accident attorney discusses how to properly use the brakes on a motorcycle in order to prevent bike accidents and injuries in Washington State.

Seattle Injury Attorney: Know How to Bring Your Motorcycle to a Safe Stop

Riding a motorcycle is more difficult than driving a car for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that using the brakes and bringing a motorcycle to a safe stop is more complex than bringing a larger, four-wheeled vehicle to a stop. Inexperience is a leading cause of motorcycle accidents in Washington State, and many inexperienced motorcycle riders don’t know how to properly brake or how to brake in emergency situations. 

Here are a few basic safety tips regarding braking on a motorcycle: 

  • Visit a parking lot to practice. Get to know your bike and improve your overall braking skills by doing a few drills in an empty parking lot. Experiment with how hard you can brake safely and how to brake while taking a corner. 
  • Note the road conditions. How you brake has a lot to do with traction. What kind of pavement are you riding on? What are the weather conditions? Is there sand, gravel, or other hazards on the road? How hard you can brake depends heavily on these factors. 
  • Understand the danger of braking while leaning. Only two-tired vehicle operators have to worry about braking while taking a curve and “leaning”—when less of the tire is in contact with the ground. When a bike is leaning, there is less traction between the tire and the road, and braking can more easily lead to wipeouts and accidents. 
  • Know if you have antilock brakes. An antilock braking system prevents riders from skidding and locking the tires when braking suddenly. If you have antilock brakes, you do not need to pulse the brakes. While ABS bikes generally brake faster and in shorter distances, some riders prefer a regular braking system. 

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