Seattle is a hot spot for bicycling at night but can be dangerous if the proper precautions aren’t taken.

Safely Riding on Your Bike at Night in Seattle

Seattle’s hills, downtown sights, and exciting trails make it a prime location for bicyclists to ride, especially at night. Whether you are enjoying the Burke-Gilman Trail, taking a tour of Pike Street, or just moseying around town, biking under the stars is most enjoyable.

Unfortunately, bikers are often struck by motorists when it’s dark because they cannot see the bicycles or their riders. Along with head injuries and broken bones, cyclists can experience serious and life-changing injuries when in accidents.

Protecting Yourself at Night

Wearing the proper gear and taking necessary precautions could prevent you from becoming one of the many Washington residents who are hurt in bike accidents this year. Here, we discuss ways you can keep yourself safe.

  • Lights are the law. One of the most effective methods in which to make yourself visible to motorists at night is by wearing lights on your person and on your bike. And in Seattle, doing so is also the law. Cyclists must have white lights that are visible from at least 500 feet away on the fronts of their bicycles. Additionally, their bicycles must feature red rear reflectors. Bikers can also choose to implement rear red lights, as well.
  • Wearing a helmet is a no-brainer. Not only does riding a helmet while biking make sense, it’s also the law. In King County, all riders are required to wear helmets and can face serious consequences if caught not doing so. Along with becoming injured if you fall off your bike or hurt your head in another fashion, you could face legal penalties for failing to wear your helmet.
  • Stay on the sidewalk. Not every road features a sidewalk, but if it does, do your best to ride there. Although sidewalks often have bumps and cracks that can make cycling difficult, they are typically much safer than riding in the street.

Don’t Let Negligent Motorists Get Away With it

If you were hurt in a bicycle accident in Seattle or the surrounding area, you could have major injuries that can cost you lots of time and money. Don’t let the person at fault get away with it. By pursing legal action, you may be able to receive financial compensation that can help pay for medical bills and time lost away from work.

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