Passengers may get more than they pay for when charter boat company negligence puts individual safety in jeopardy.

This Isn’t the Party You Expected: Injuries From a Puget Sound Charter Boat Accident

Because Seattle is surrounded by water—Puget Sound, Lake Washington, Lake Union, Elliott Bay—an abundance of entertainment opportunities are available to residents and tourists throughout the harbor. One of the popular activities that individuals can enjoy is taking a trip on one of the city’s nearly two dozen charter cruises. However, the fun and excitement of these party cruises can be quickly overshadowed when passengers and crewmembers find themselves on the receiving end of a boating accident injury.

A leisurely cruise through Puget Sound should be an enjoyable event, and passengers have a right to expect to be kept safe while onboard. However, accidents can easily happen, and if the charter company doesn’t respond properly and quickly, a minor situation has the potential to turn catastrophic rather quickly.

The Dangerous Side of a Chartered Cruise

In fact, there are several ways that a charter cruise company or its employees can be neglectful of their duties and put passengers at risk. We have seen many incidents involving:

  • Captain negligence, such as partying with the passengers or leaving the helm of the ship unattended
  • Insufficient or improper training of crewmembers
  • Unsafe or insufficient safety equipment
  • Passengers not given clear or adequate emergency instructions

All of these problems can put passengers in serious danger in the event that an emergency situation develops. Passengers are left ill-equipped to properly respond to danger.

One of the primary dangers that threaten charter boat passengers involves a boat capsizing. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but one common cause for party boats capsizing is overcrowding. When too many passengers board a boat, the improper weight distribution can cause the boat to be unbalanced in the water. This can result in a boat listing and possibly filling with water. If cruise captains do not properly monitor and regulate the number of individuals who board the boat, they put all onboard passengers at risk.

At the Andrew Kim Law Firm, we believe that every individual deserves to experience the safe and enjoyable chartered cruise they expect, and should not be put in needless harm because a boat captain or charter line is negligent. We are committed to helping victims of boating accidents receive the full and fair compensation they deserve to help alleviate the burden of their pain and suffering.

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