A Seattle bad faith insurance attorney reviews a common insurance company trick: delaying decisions and payments for an unreasonable amount of time.

Seattle Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer: Don’t Stand for Payment Delays

Andrew Kim
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In some cases, an insurance company may agree to a certain payment, but you might not see the check for an inordinate amount of time. In other cases, an insurance company may take an unreasonable amount of time to process your claim, leaving you without support for weeks or months. Both of these cases are instances of an insurance company acting in bad faith by purposefully delaying an aspect of the claims process. 

If you are having difficulty moving your accident claim forward or collecting payment for your accident claim, you may wish to speak with a Seattle bad faith insurance lawyer about your case. 

Why do insurance companies delay claims and claims processing? ​

Insurance companies only benefit from delaying the claims process and from delaying valid payments. Delaying the claims process can create anxiety in the person who filed the claim—anxiety that can cause them to accept a smaller offer that they believe is fair. When a claimant begins to feel financial stress, and when a claimant begins to doubt whether they will receive payment at all, they become willing to accept less than the just amount they are owed. 

At the same time, when an insurance company delays paying out a claim for as long as possible, they are able to keep the money in an account, accruing interest, while the claimant continues to struggle in the wake of an accident and injury. While the interest does not seem like a significant amount of money, it adds up when you consider that the insurance company may be delaying hundreds or even thousands of claims at a time. 

Seattle bad faith insurance attorney 

Insurance companies assume that claimants will not recognize an unreasonable delay in their claims process or payment—or that they will not fight back even in the face of an unreasonable payment. However, it is vital to know that payment and processing delays likely go against your insurance policy and are illegal. If your insurance company is acting in bad faith, they are breaking the law. Speak to a Washington insurance claims attorney today to discuss your case and to make certain that you are treated fairly after your accident and injury. Call Andrew Kim today at 1.800.636.3676.