There is often talk of dangerous dog breeds in Washington State, but fewer people stop to discuss the environmental factors that can make a dog more prone to attacking humans or biting children. In this article, we discuss for ways that abusive, neglectful, or just plain bad dog owners can create aggressive, dangerous dogs.

Four Ways Bad Pet Owners Can Create Dangerous Dogs

Amidst talk of banning dog breeds like pit bulls and Rottweilers, many dog trainers and canine experts are warning that it’s not the breed of a dog that makes it dangerous, it is the quality of the owner. While it is true that larger and stronger dogs can cause more damage than a smaller dog when it attacks a human, aggressiveness is not always innate. In fact, dog bites can be caused by poor training, abuse, and neglect more than it can be caused simply by being born a certain type of dog.

Here are three ways that dangerous dogs are created:

•    The owner fails to socialize the dog. We probably have passed this type of dog in our neighborhood: it is always in a back yard, either tethered or penned. It doesn’t get human love or attention, and it never gets to explore or play. These dogs will grow up to afraid of humans and wary of any new situations – is it any wonder that they might bite a stranger?
•    The owner abuses the dog, or trains the dog through physical force and shouting. All good dog trainers know that there is never a good reason to scream at or hit a dog. In fact, physically or emotional abusing a dog won’t make the dog more obedient, it will only make the dog lack trust for humans and perhaps harbor aggression toward anything that it feels is a threat.
•    The owner does not treat his dog’s medical problems. Imagine if you had an untreated medical problem – how would that make you feel? It’s not hard to guess that dogs suffering from flea infestations, open sores, ill-fitting collars, and other issues might act aggressively if approached or might snap when feeling threatened.
•    The owner failed to exercise the dog, mentally or physically. A large part of keeping your dog healthy and happy is making sure that it gets to move its body and use its mind. If you were trapped in a small space all day and not able to run or think, you can imagine the mental stress you would be under. Dogs are no different: a lack of exercise and stimulation can cause them to act out.

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