Playground are wonderful opportunities for children to interact, have fun, and be active. But unsafe equipment, a lack of supervision, or inappropriate playing could lead to serious injury. Know how to prevent playground accidents and injury.

Playground Accidents In Washington State

Playground and jungle gyms should be exciting, fun, and safe places for children to play outside. However, according to Safe Kids, an estimated 150,000 children between the ages of 5 and 14 visit the emergency room in the United States each year after a playground injury. In fact, swing set and playground injuries are the leading cause of injury to children in elementary school. Seventy-five percent of these accidents occur on public playgrounds, such as in schools and parks, as opposed to backyard play sets.

The injuries caused by playground equipment vary. Children who wear loose clothing, necklaces, or clothes with drawstrings face a danger of strangulation when the clothing becomes stuck on play equipment. Other children will suffer from slip and fall injuries, which can also have serious, permanent, or fatal consequences.

To make sure the playground you frequent is safe, check to see that the ground under the play equipment is covered in a foot of soft material, such as rubber, woodchips, or sand. Playground materials that are not safe include concrete, asphalt, and grass, all of which could lead to serious injury if a child were to fall. Also make sure that your children are monitored when playing - either by you, a teacher or playground monitor.

Parents should also make sure that the playground equipment is age-appropriate. Separate play areas should exist for younger children. All equipment should have maintenance schedules and all equipment problems should be reported to either the school or park authority immediately.

Parents and monitors should also prevent unsafe behaviors of the children playing, such as pushing each other, crowing the equipment, or using the equipment inappropriately.

If your child has been seriously injured on a playground in Washington State, you should speak to an attorney immediately about your case. Contact Andrew Kim today for a free, confidential consultation to learn more.