A recent Seattle personal injury lawsuit has shown a spotlight on car accidents that are caused wholly or in part by poor roadway design. In this legal article, read about how some people suffer serious car accident injuries because of poorly it streets, confusing roadways, or blind curves.

Could Poor Ramp Design Have Caused Your Car Accident?

This week in Seattle, 30-year-old Koti Hu won a $30 million car accident injury case against both the owner the truck that struck his vehicle and against the Washington State Department of Transportation, who the court said was partially responsible for the accident due to the poor design of the road. The King County jury found that WSDOT should not have had an onramp with a barely visible stop line and a sharp curve approaching the metered stop.

Many traffic accident victims assume that the fault of their car crash lies with one of the drivers involved. However, outside factors, such as poor road design, can play a significant part in some accident.

Here are just a few ways that poor road design can lead to car accidents:

•    Poor signage that is confusing to drivers.
•    Roads that are not designed for inclement weather.
•    Blind curves in roads before ramps or intersections.
•    Poor signal placement or lack of signals.
•    Poorly banked or aligned roads.
•    Poor nighttime lighting or lack of lighting.
•    Poor daytime visibility due to shade or obstacles.
•    Lack of appropriate road markings.
•    Lack of appropriate road materials.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident and you believe poor road design played a part in your accident, you should talk to an expert who can examine the evidence in your case. A Washington State car accident attorney with experience with poor road design cases can help you better understand your case and your options for action.