Urban trail safety tips for cyclists, dog walkers, joggers, pedestrians, and families who use multiuse trails and wish to prevent accidents in Washington State.

Trail Safety For Bicycle Riders, Pedestrians & Dog Walkers In Washington

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This month we covered a tragic bicycle and pedestrian accidentthat took place on the Interurban Trail in Everett, Washington. A cyclist died when he collided with a couple walking their dog on the multi-purpose trail, causing many to wonder about the safety of such trails and how similar accidents can be prevented in the future.

Urban trails like the one above can present many hazards, especially since they are meant for a wide range of uses, from biking to dog walking to jogging to family activities. It is absolutely key that those using the trails understand how to stay safe and how to prevent accidents.

Here are a few urban trail safety tips:

  • For bikers: Announce your presence. Give an audible warning, such as a shout or a bell ring, when passing pedestrians, heading downhill, or turning a blind curve. Never speed. If you want to go faster than trail conditions safely allow, you may want to find another place to do so.
  • For pedestrians: Don't take up the entire width of the trail. Stay to the right of the path and listen for those passing you. Be alert for passing joggers and cyclists.
  • For dog walkers: Keep your pets on a leash at all times. Do not use a leash longer than eight feet. Make certain that your leash is not stretched over the width of the trail. Never take an aggressive or dangerous dog on the trail.
  • For joggers: Be careful when jogging while listening to headphones - be sure that you can hear approaching trail users even when listening to music. Before passing slower pedestrians, glace behind you to look for passing cyclists.
  • For families: Keep your children in view and by your side. Be wary of your children suddenly moving across the width of the trail or into the path of a biker or jogger.

If you have been injured in an accident on one of the Seattle area's urban trails, it is important that you speak with a Washington State personal injury attorney about your accident. Call Andrew Kim Law Firm today at 1-800-636-3676 and talk to an experiance Seattle Pedestrian Accident Attorney.