Too many boaters have died in the water of Lake Washington this year. Don’t let that happen to you or your loved ones.

Falling Overboard on Lake Washington Has Claimed Lives; Don’t Be the Next

Lake Washington is a popular hangout for boaters and water enthusiasts, alike. Unfortunately, it is also a common place where people become injured and even drown. Many of these deaths are the result of falling overboard. Some of the victims plunge into the water as the result of collisions, while others simply fall. Some falls are the result of the vessel flipping over, and when the passengers aren’t sure what to do when a boat capsizes, they can die.

For instance, in July of 2014, Melissa Protz was killed when she fell into the water after the sailboat she was on was involved in an accident with a powerboat. Additionally, rescuers pulled the body of a man out of the lake in the beginning of August of 2015 after he fell off of a boat. Authorities believe that the victim was not wearing a life jacket at the time of his death.

Preventing a Fatal Plunge

Although you can never ensure that you won’t fall overboard, you can increase your chances of staying safe by taking the following precautionary measures:

  • Wear a harness. Although anyone who is on a boat can benefit from wearing a harness, doing so is particularly advantageous to those who must move around while onboard. By attaching a tether to an object onboard, and then attaching the tether to the harness, you have protection from falling overboard if the water gets rough or you are involved in an accident.
  • Keep handrails and lifelines in good condition. Grasping for a handrail or lifeline when you feel danger afoot or are beginning to fall off is frightening enough, but it’s even scarier when that rail comes out because of old screws or the lifeline snaps as a result of corroded material. Inspect these crucial safeguards regularly to ensure they can provide you with the safety you need.

Additionally, you should always wear a life jacket. Although keeping one on won’t prevent you from falling, it may stop you from drowning if you do.

Protect Your Rights

If a boating accident on Lake Washington or any body of water in Seattle caused you injuries, you may receive compensation. Contact the Andrew Kim Law Firm to set up your free consultation to learn more.