If you slip and fall in a hotel, are you able to sue? Here, we discuss the details regarding such a case and how to fight for your rights.

Evidence You Will Need to Prove a Hotel’s Negligence Caused Your Slip and Fall

Since Seattle is a hot spot for tourists and business travelers alike, our fine city is packed with lots of hotels and motels. While some are four-star, others fall short of that designation. They all, however, are at risk for causing injuries due to slip and fall accidents.

Injuries related to these types of accidents can cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars in medical bills. If you don’t think you should be held responsible for these fees, you can take action. However, you’ll need to prove that the hotel was liable for the incident, and it wasn’t your fault.

Proving the Hotel Is to Blame

In order to successfully win your case against the hotel, you’ll need the help of a great lawyer, because the hotel probably has an aggressive legal team at its disposal. You’ll also need to provide lots of excellent evidence, including proof that the property owner did one of the following:

  • created the hazardous condition which led to the accident.
  • was aware of the dangerous condition and didn’t attempt to fix it.
  • should have known about the condition and should have taken reasonable steps in order to prevent the injuries.

You’ll need to provide evidence in the form of pictures and witness testimony, along with other means that can be difficult to obtain on your own. In order to prove the “should have known” scenario, an extensive investigation will have to be done into how long the hazard was there, who knew about it, were any reports filed, etc. You will need an experienced investigator on your side.

Don’t Allow the Hotel to Get Away It

Repairing a potential problem in a public place is simply common sense, but oftentimes property owners don’t want to spend their own money to fix the issue. However, you don’t have to let the hotel get away with this type of negligence. The Andrew Kim Law Firm will do what it takes to try and obtain the evidence you need to win your case. Contact us today to learn how.