Although some car accidents cannot be prevented no matter how many precautions you take, car accident injuries can be minimized with just a few minutes of your time. What could be a deadly rollover accident can be turned into an accident in which all passengers survive - what could have lead to a serious head injury can be turned into an accident in which only minor injuries are sustained.

Quick Tips To Minimize Car Accident Injuries | Washington State Car Accident Attorney

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Each day at the Andrew Kim Law Firm, we see serious car accident injuries and fatalities that permanently change lives and shatter families – just this week we covered an I-5 rollover car accident that left one dead and others seriously injured. While not all car accidents can be prevented, you can take several important steps to help minimize car accident injuries and to reduce the chances of a car accident fatality.

•    Always wear your seat belt. Wearing your safety belt is the fastest, simplest, and most effective way to reduce the severity of car accident injuries. In fact, safety advocates have calculated that we could save tens of thousands of car accident victims each year if 90 percent of travelers would buckle up.
•    Pick your car wisely. Different vehicles have different safety ratings – and the difference could save your life. Before your buy a car, research the standard features, the additional optional safety features, and the car’s safety ratings. The easiest way to learn about your car? Visit for more information and to learn about their five-star safety rating system.
•    Check your headrest height. The standard position of a car seat headrest may not be the safest position for you, especially if you are shorter or taller than average. A properly adjusted headrest could prevent neck and back injuries, while a improperly adjusted headrest could lead to whiplash and other injuries.
•    Don’t place loose, large, or heavy objects in the car with you. Loose objects in your car can act as deadly and dangerous projectiles during a car accident. If possible put these items in the trunk or secure them on the roof.
•    In the second before an accident, look straight ahead. Don’t turn to look at what might be happening to your side or back if you are about to become involved in an inevitable car accident. Instead, look straight ahead with your head against your headrest and your back against the seat.