Road rage can lead to car accidents, assaults, and even death. In this article, learn how to respond to road rage from a Seattle Personal Injury Attorney.

What To Do If You Become The Target Of Road Rage In Washington State

Road rage can have a variety of causes – the other driver may have mental issues, he may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or he may simply have a poor temper. But whatever the cause – and whether or not you did anything to trigger the rage – you should know what to do if you find yourself targeted by someone who is raging behind the wheel. As we saw in Seattle this week with the car accident death of software engineer and father Steve Lacey, road rage can be dangerous and deadly. Knowing how to act toward someone who is out-of-control angry and behind the wheel could save your life.

•    Don’t interact. Do not make eye contact with the other driver, try to apologize, or get angry in return. Absolutely nothing constructive will come out of it. You cannot reason with someone who is seething mad. In fact, any exchange that you have with the angered driver could escalate the situation.
•    Do not retaliate. Don’t respond to rage with rage. Keep calm, understand that the person you are dealing with is not acting rationally, and resist all urges to respond in a reckless manner. Retaliation will dramatically increase your chances of an accident or injury, could harm others, and could mean that you are partially at fault.
•    Call the police on your cell phone. Calling the police not only signals to the other driver that you are reporting their behavior, it also means that you will have help in at least a few minutes. Road rage is a very good reason to call the authorities, and you are not over-blowing the situation by getting them involved.
•    Turn off the roadway. Attempt to get away from the road rage incident by leaving the highway or whatever route you are on. If it appears that you are being followed, stay calm and don’t get distracted from driving.
•    Do not stop to confront the person. Absolutely do not stop your car in an isolated spot and absolutely do not unlock your car or roll down your windows. If you know where there is a police station nearby, or another public spot where you can find help, those are safe locations to stop.

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