Distracted driving is an extremely dangerous issue for drivers. Click here to see how headlight glare can be just as distracting and dangerous as cellphone use.

How You React to Headlight Glare Could Prevent an Accident

headlightsIn order to drive safely, you need to be alert and focused on everything around you. Unfortunately, drivers are increasingly becoming distracted and failing to keep their eyes on the road. An alarming number of distractions, both inside and outside of vehicles, has made distracted driving one of the major hazards associated with car accidents.

Smart phones and display screens are only two of the many inside distractions that can cause a driver to lose focus. Fortunately, these distractions are something you as the driver can control—you simply need to turn them off. However, one dangerous distraction that you can’t control occurs on the outside of vehicles. That distraction is the dangerous glare of oncoming headlights.

A Glaring Problem for Motorists

Being able to see what’s in front of you on the road at night is the key to being able to adjust to dangers. If you can’t see, you can’t react. While headlights allow you to brighten the road ahead to increase your ability to see, you may also be limiting the ability of an oncoming driver to be able to see clearly because of the glare from your headlights. When headlights are too bright, the following can happen:

  • Objects become harder to see. A minimum amount of contrast is required to be able to distinguish objects from their backgrounds. Since glare diminishes that contrast by flooding it with light, objects in the road seem to disappear into the background.
  • Distance becomes harder to judge. Just as limited contrast causes objects to be harder to see, it also makes it harder to determine placement. Without contrast, the scene becomes two-dimensional, making it impossible to judge distance between objects.
  • You have less time to react. When driving at night, you can only see as far ahead of you as your headlights allow. When this is limited further by the glare of oncoming traffic, you may not see an object in the road in time to be able to avoid it.
  • Sudden glare will force an avoidance reaction. If you are temporarily blinded by a sudden bright light, you may avert your eyes involuntarily and, in the process, take your eyes from the road. It may take a few seconds to regain your composure, which is very dangerous when traveling at high speeds.

Seeing Your Way Through the Darkness

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