After a fatal car accident allegedly involving speeding, alcohol, and road rage, a Seattle injury attorney examines what causes road rage and how to prevent it.

It’s Simple: Road Rage Can Cause Traffic Accidents And Injuries

This week in King County Superior Court, 56-year-old Patrick Rexroat pleaded not guilty to vehicular manslaughter and reckless driving – though the Seattle resident allegedly had a blood alcohol limit of 0.29 at the time of the fatal accident just off of I-405 and even though he told police that he had been speeding after a vehicle that cut him off in the seconds before losing control of his car. According to witnesses, Rexroat emerged from his car after the wreck beating his chest in anger.

“Road rage” is often joked about – and when most people think about road rage, they think about the initial incidents that led the term in the late 1980s when several aggressive drivers shot others who had angered them on the interstate. However, road rage still exists today in a number of forms – and people are still injured and killed in road rage incidents.

Here are just a few examples of road rage:

•    Aggressive honking and yelling at another driver.
•    Following or chasing another driver.
•    Verbally threatening another driver.
•    Threatening a driver with a firearm.
•    Threatening to hit a driver with your car.
•    Reckless driving involving another vehicle.
•    Intentionally colliding with another vehicle.
•    Throwing objects at another driver or vehicle.
•    Blocking another vehicle.

How can road rage cause accidents? Very simply, an angry driver is often a reckless and distracted driver. Road rage can often lead to taking your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel, and road rage often takes the focus off of all other traffic except for the vehicle that caused the rage. In addition, those engaged in road rage often speed, weave in and out of traffic, or even cross double-yellow lines in order to scare other drivers. In the worst cases, enraged drivers may purposefully cause an accident. Finally, as in the most recent Seattle case, a significant number of those with road rage are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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