Poor roadway design, including the lack of signage, faded lines, road obstacles, confusing intersections, and lack of safety measures, is the cause of far too many car accidents and motorcycle accidents in Washington State. While driver error is sometimes the cause of serious car accidents, sometimes the accident could have been prevented if only the state's roadways were safer to drive on.

Roadway Design And Car Accidents: A Deadly Combination | Seattle Car Accident Lawyer

If you were to ask someone about the major causes of car accidents in Washington State, you would probably get a list that included speeding, drunk driving, and bad weather. However, one of the most common reasons for car accidents across the country is poor roadway design. While many car accidents are at least partially due to driver error, many car accidents are also due to poor signage, confusing intersections, bad road surfaces, and poor planning.

How can bad roadway design and poor highway planning cause car accidents and car accident injuries in Washington?

•    Lack of safety measures. Sometimes it isn’t what’s there that’s the problem, it’s what isn’t there that could lead to car accidents. The absence of guardrails could send a car off the road and down an embankment. The absence of proper lighting could cause a car to leave the roadway accidentally, the absence of a rumble strip could cause a sleepy driver to veer out of their lane. The lack of a concrete barrier in the median could lead to a head-on accident.
•    Insufficient signage. An onramp without the proper wrong way signs could cause a wrong way highway accident while a road without a sufficient number of speed limit signs could cause any number of accidents. Signage depicting an approaching sharp curb allows drivers to slow down. Signage could either be missing altogether or be obstructed by trees.
•    Dangerous roadway surfaces. Bumps, grooves, potholes, and slick pavement can be hazardous to car and especially to motorcycle rides, who can easily lose control of their vehicles on uneven pavement. Faded white and yellow lane lines can also lead to car accidents and car accident injuries.
•    Dangerous intersections. Confusing lights or confusing lanes, clogged roadways, and unprotected turns can lead to car accidents and pedestrian accidents. Side-impact accidents are especially common in bad intersections.