Although exciting, jet skiing is also dangerous. If you make safety a priority, however, you can reduce your chances of getting into a Seattle jet ski accident.

Following These Safety Tips Could Prevent a Seattle Jet Ski Accident

Getting on the jet ski and riding out into the open waters is extremely exciting. After all, you are gliding on top of the water at high speeds and experiencing nature at one of its finest moments. Unfortunately, jet skiing is also extremely dangerous, especially if you don’t make safety a priority. Implementing a few simple techniques could prevent your involvement in a Seattle watercraft accident.

  • Wear the proper gear. Even if you are an excellent swimmer, you’ll still need to wear a lifejacket. If you hit your head on the jet ski during a collision and become unconscious, your swimming skills won’t save you, but a life jacket could. Wear a fitted life vest that has been approved by the Coast Guard. Additionally, make use of whatever engine stop device the jet ski is equipped with. For instance, some come with lanyards that wrap around your wrist and turn the engines off if they become detached from the watercraft.
  • Pay attention. Always be alert to what is going on around you once you are out on the water. Boats and other jet skiers can come dangerously close to you and may cause you to collide with them or other objects. It’s easy to lose yourself out on the jet ski and forget to pay attention to anything else but having fun. However, being mindful of safety at all times could keep you from a horrible accident.

If, despite your best efforts, you are still the victim of a Seattle jet ski accident, you could suffer from injuries that could affect you for the rest of your life. The attorneys of the Andrew Kim Law Firm want to help you get the justice you deserve from this tragedy. Contact us today to speak with someone about your situation.

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