While schools try their best to make the ride to and from school as safe as possible, riding the school bus is probably one of the most dangerous parts of your child's day. in this kid safety article, learn about what you can tell your children to make their school bus rides as safe and injury-free as possible.

School Bus Accident Prevention And School Bus Safety

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As children return to school this fall, it is important that they and their parents know about the potential dangers that come with riding the school bus as well as basic school bus safety. Every year in Washington, children are injured while riding the school bus, getting on or off the school bus, or while playing near a school bus. The vast majority of these school bus accidents and injuries are preventable.

When at the bus stop, children should understand to stay well out of the street and not to speak with strangers. Before getting on the bus, children should wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before stepping into the street and look both ways before crossing traffic.

When riding the school bus, children should be familiar with all of the emergency exits. They should also understand that although many school buses are not equipped with seat belts, they should stay seated and in an upright position whenever the bus is moving.

When exiting the bus, children should step away from the bus once outside its doors. They should always cross in front of the bus and so the driver can see you – never behind. If a child drops something near a bus or forgets something on the bus, they should understand how dangerous it is to re-approach the bus.

In addition, children should generally know that bus drivers have several blind spots and cannot see you if you are in the “danger zones” around the bus. They should also understand that even though other drivers are legally required to stop for buses and crossing school children, some will not.