Distracted walking accidents and pedestrian injuries involving headphones have tripled in the last seven years. A Seattle injury lawyer explains why.

Seattle Injury Attorney: Walking with Headphones Triples Accidents & Injuries

Walking is great for your health, good for the environment, and easy on your wallet. However, although it is a safer activity than driving or biking, it still comes with its hazards. Especially with the growing popularity of digital music players, smartphones, and other technology, distracted walking accidents have skyrocketed in recent years.

Portable technology means an increase in pedestrian accidents

A new study published in the journal Prevention has found that the number of pedestrian accidents in the United States involving pedestrians wearing headphones has tripled in the last seven years. While 16 serious headphone-related pedestrian accidents were reported in 2004, 47 were reported in the last year alone.

Why are more headphone accidents taking place? Traffic safety experts believe that while listening to music while walking isn’t a new phenomenon, the smaller size, lower weight, and prevalence of iPod and MP3 player technology means that more people are using headphones more often. At the same time, headphone technology has improved, meaning that those listening to music are likely hearing less of the outside world.

Headphone create two problems: inattention blindness and sensory deprivation

While many people assume that listening to music while walking only presents one issue – the inability to hear approaching traffic – headphones actually cause two problems. Those listening to music, listening to a podcast, or talking on a phone are not just blocking out surrounding sounds, they are also distracting themselves from the task at hand. They are suffering from inattention blindness by focusing on what they are listening to instead of where they are walking.

Seattle pedestrian accident attorney

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