A Seattle bad faith insurance lawyer gives a number of illustrations and examples of valid insurance bad faith claims and disputes.

A Seattle Insurance Claim Dispute Attorney Lists 13 Examples of Bad Faith Insurance

It can be difficult to deal with an insurance company when you are filing a claim – you could be confused about your policy, unsure of the process, or disappointed with the company’s service. But how do you know the difference between a poor interaction and an illegal interaction with your insurance company?

All too often our clients assume that insurance companies wouldn’t break the law to save a few bucks and shortchange your claim. Unfortunately, there are many cases of bad faith insurance every year. If you believe that your claim is not being treated fairly, it is vital that you find out whether your insurance company is acting in bad faith. Below are some examples of bad faith insurance.

1. Your insurance company refuses to pay a valid claim or denies a valid claim without reasonable justification.

2. Your insurance company delays the payment on your valid claim without reasonable justification.

3. Your insurance company does not pay the full amount on the claim without reasonable justification.

4. Your insurance company willfully misinterprets your insurance policy.

5. Your insurance company uses intentionally vague language in an insurance policy.

6. Your insurance company fails to thoroughly or accurately investigate your claim.

7. Your insurance company conducts a non-objective or biased investigation of your claim.

8. Your insurance company requests an unreasonable amount of documentation in order to approve your claim.

9. Your insurance company does not inform you of changes to your insurance policy or does not seek your consent.

10. Your insurance company harasses or intimidates you as you are attempting to settle your claim.

11. Your insurance company treats you in an adversarial manner, or attempts to give you false or misleading information.

12. Your insurance company refuses to defend a lawsuit.

13. Your insurance company does to comply with or meet accepted industry standards.

The single best way to determine whether or not your insurance company is acting in bad faith is to speak with an experienced, knowledgeable Seattle insurance dispute attorney. At the Andrew Kim Law Firm, we can help you review your policy, go over evidence, and understand what your rights are. Ready to find out if you should take legal action against your insurance company? Call our team today at 800-636-3676, or fill out the electronic contact form on this page.