Bad faith insurance claims are becoming more and more prevalent. A Seattle bad faith lawyer discusses why bad faith exists.

The Shocking Truth: Seattle Bad Faith Lawyer Reveals Why Bad Faith Exists

Bad faith claims are something you hear about more and more each day. People pay insurance companies their hard-earned money and expect to be taken care of when things go wrong. Unfortunately, the companies are turning their clients away and refusing to pay for their claims. You act in “good faith” with the company and are probably wondering why it is not reciprocating. Here, a Seattle bad faith lawyer reveals why insurance companies are engaging in this act.

  • They Want to Save Money. It is in the best interest of an insurance company’s managers to not pay for your claim. Not giving you the money you deserve puts more into their pockets, so they wrongfully deny thousands of claims each day.
  • You Probably Won’t Appeal Their Decisions. Insurance companies often make it impossibly difficult for anyone to appeal their decisions, which is why many customers don’t. The company knows this and figures there’s a good chance you won’t look into what they are doing, so they go ahead and deny you what you deserve.
  • You’ll Need a Lawyer. In order to represent your interests as best as possible, you’ll need to hire a lawyer. Going against the insurance company on your own is extremely difficult. The insurance company knows this, and figures most customers probably won’t take on that task, so they practice bad faith.

Expecting your insurance company to provide you with adequate coverage is not unreasonable, particularly when you pay them outrageous amounts of money. When they decide to go against you, you’ll need someone to help you fight.

A Seattle bad faith lawyer from the Andrew Kim Law Firm may be able to help you with your situation. Contact us today to find out more!

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