A new study has found that smoking marijuana may almost double the risk of a car accident. A Seattle car accident attorney responds to the new research.

Seattle Car Accident Attorney Shares New Study Regarding Marijuana & Car Accidents

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Washington State is one of several places in the United States where the use of medical marijuana is legal and also a place where possessing small amounts of cannabis is a mere misdemeanor. In 2009, a bill that would have further decriminalized marijuana did not pass the state legislature.

Should marijuana be further decriminalized in Washington State?

Those who support the decriminalization of marijuana in Washington State say that the drug is no more harmful than other legalized drugs, such as alcohol, and that fighting marijuana across the state distracted law officers from more important issues and wastes taxpayer money.

Those who oppose the decriminalization of marijuana cite the damaging affects of marijuana on the body as well as the fact that the substance is banned under federal law. They also point to the fact that marijuana is a mind-altering substance that could cause users to be a danger to themselves and others.

New study on marijuana and car accidents

Recently, researchers at Dalhousie University compiled data from nine different studies involving pot smoking and car accidents. They found that the risk of being involved in a serious traffic accident almost doubled if the driver had smoked marijuana within three hours of getting behind the wheel.

The study looked at information from almost 50,000 people and included information from studies that observed high drivers, drivers who were seriously injured in crashes, or who self-reported marijuana use. It is important to note that these studies found correlation between marijuana use and car accidents – and it could be that those who use the drug are more prone to risky behavior or breaking the law.

Washington State traffic accident lawyers

Have you been involved in a Washington car accident that involved driving under the influence of drugs or driving after using marijuana? You may be owed compensation for damages. Speak to the Seattle car accident attorneys at Andrew Kim Law Firm to get to the bottom of the cause of your accident and to understand your best options for legal action. Call today to schedule a no-obligation consultation.