After three child gun accidents in one month, a Seattle child injury attorney discusses firearm safety and what parents can do to prevent these tragedies.

Seattle Child Injury Attorney Shares Firearm Safety Information

On Wednesday, March 14, a three-year-old Tacoma boy found a loaded gun beneath the seat of his parent’s car and accidentally shot himself in the head. On Saturday, March 10, a 7-year-old Stanwood girl was shot by her younger sibling, who also found a loaded gun in the family vehicle while their parents were away. On Wednesday, February 22, an 8-year-old Bremerton girl was shot in school when a classmate brought a loaded gun to school that went off while in his backpack.

In just three weeks, three children have been the victims of accidental shootings. How can these tragedies be prevented?
  • Start with trigger locks and gun safes. The single best way to prevent a firearm accident is to keep guns away from your children at all times. All guns in the home should be kept in a safe, and all guns not currently in use should have a trigger lock. 
  • Put aside your political beliefs. Whether you are a proponent of your second amendment rights or whether you believe that there should be more firearm regulations shouldn’t matter when you are protecting your kids. You have a right to bear arms, but your kids have the right to a safe environment. Make sure your firearms are absolutely out of reach! 
  • Talk to your kids about guns. When they are old enough to understand gun safety, start teaching it. Kids are exposed to guns in the media from an early age. Be sure they understand a gun is not a toy and that going near a gun is extremely dangerous. 
  • Talk to other parents about guns. It’s easy to control guns in your own home, but where else does your child spend time? Discussing gun safety with the parents of your children’s friends, your children’s school, and other people your child spends time with will spread awareness and engender gun accident prevention.

Has a firearm accident harmed your child or taken your child’s life? Should this gun accident have been prevented? Was this gun accident due to someone else’s negligence? You may wish to speak with a Seattle child injury attorney about your case. Call the Andrew Kim Law Firm today.