A Seattle Dog Bite Attorney reviews four different actions you can take if your neighborhood is being terrorized by a dangerous or aggressive dog.

Four Actions to Take Against a Dangerous Neighborhood Dog

If you’ve read about any recent Seattle dog bites, you’ve probably come across this familiar story: a person is attacked by a neighborhood dog. A dog that neighbors had complained about before. A dog that was often seen loose. A dog that everyone knew was a danger even before it attacked.

Is there a dangerous or aggressive dog in your neighborhood? What can you do about it? Is there any way to ensure that your family is safe? Are there any legal actions to take?

Here are four ways you can take action to keep your neighborhood and your family safe from dog attacks:

  • Talk to the owner. Some people forget to consider that the owner of the aggressive dog in their neighborhood could be sensible or reasonable, but it’s sometimes true. Be an upfront neighbor and knock on their door. Be friendly, but be extremely clear that you are worried about the dangerous dog—that it has been snarling at children, that is has been chasing pets, that it is often loose or wandering. Ask your neighbor what he or she is willing to do to correct the problem. 
  • Report all illegal or dangerous behavior. It is important that your local officials know the history of issues with this animal, so don’t hesitate to call animal control when there are incidents. Also, consider calling animal control if the dog does not seem to be properly cared for (does it have food and shelter? Is it in need of medical attention?). Absolutely call animal control if the dog acts aggressively toward a human or attacks a pet. 
  • Call a meeting. If you are frightened and concerned about the dog, your neighbors may well feel the same way. Calling a meeting could be the wake-up call the dangerous dog owner needs to face the issue. 
  • Talk to the landlord. If the owner of the dangerous dog is renting, find a way to contact the owner of the property and share your concerns. A property owner will almost certainly understand the dire consequences of a serious dog bite taking place on their land.

And don’t forget this: be sure to keep your children and other family members away from the dog if at all possible. Warn visitors and teach your children dog safety.

Have you or a loved one been injured by a dangerous neighborhood dog? Speak with Seattle dog bite attorney Andrew Kim to find out if you have a case.