A Seattle dog bite attorney explains why the elderly are more susceptible to dog bites as well as what seniors can do to avoid Washington dog attacks.

Seattle Dog Bite Attorney: After Children, the Elderly Are Most at Risk for Dog Attacks

This week we covered a horrific dog bite incident out of Grays Harbor County, where a Washington grandmother was attacked by two pit bulls owned by her grandson. After the completely unprovoked attack, 82-year-old Gloria Boswell is now recovering from maul injuries on her arms, legs, and neck at Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center where she is in stable but serious condition.

Although most people know that children are the age group most likely to be affected by dog bites, fewer people are aware that seniors and the elderly are the second most in-danger group when it comes to dog attacks and dog attack injuries. Why is this the case?
  • Seniors may be less agile and fast than younger adults – and therefore less able to evade a dog attack. 
  • Seniors may be less aware of an approaching aggressive dog due to eyesight or hearing issues. 
  • Seniors may be more susceptible to dog bite injuries, such as puncture wounds and lacerations, due to thinner skin and other health issues related to aging. 
  • Seniors suffering from health issues such as dementia and Alzheimer’s may unwittingly wander into a dog’s area or enclosure – or unknowingly provoke a dangerous dog.

How can you avoid a dog attack as a senior, or protect your elderly loved one from a dog bite injury in Washington State?
  • Be sure that you (or your loved one) regularly see the doctor regarding eyesight, hearing loss, and mental health. 
  • Be aware of dangerous neighborhood dogs – especially those that are often loose or unsupervised. Report aggressive dogs or loose dogs to your local animal control office. 
  • Protect yourself from aggressive dogs by taking pepper spray with you when you walk the neighborhood, hike, or visit parks. 
  • Educate yourself about how to recognize an aggressive dog, how to respond to dangerous dogs, and what to do if you are bitten.

Have you or your elderly loved one been attacked and injured by an aggressive dog in Washington State? Call Seattle dog bite attorney Andrew Kim to talk about your case and discuss legal action and compensation.