What makes a dog bite? Seattle dog bite lawyer Andrew Kim discusses the five most common reasons that dogs attack humans.

Why Do Dogs Attack? A Seattle Dog Bite Lawyer Explores the Answers.

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Some people believe that dogs attack when they aren’t trained correctly. Other say that certain dogs have a genetic tendency toward violence. Still others believe that dogs only attack when threatened or provoked. Who is right?

The answer is that dog attacks happen for a variety of reasons – ranging from senseless acts of violence to neglectful owners to self-preservation. Here, we will take a look at the five most common reasons dogs bite:
  • The dog feels vulnerable. Dogs are more likely to attack if they are backed into a corner, if they are chained in a yard, or if they are closed in a car. If they feel like they have no way out but to move forward and attack, they will. 
  • The dog is being protective. A normally passive dog may turn dangerous in a second if it is protecting puppies, eating food, protecting an owner, protecting a property, or guarding a toy. This overly protective behavior is more common in dogs that grew up without a home or in abusive circumstances – though it can also be taught. 
  • The dog is surprised. Children are often the victims of dog bites that take place when a pet is simply surprised by contact or quick movements. In these cases, dogs are often just simply having an instinctual reaction to what could be a threat. 
  • The dog is provoked. If a dog is taunted, teased, physically abused, tormented, or otherwise harassed, even the meekest pets may turn aggressive in order to protect themselves from further harm. 
  • The dog is aggressive. Some dogs are simply dangerous. They may be dangerous because of abuse or neglect. They may be dangerous because of poor training. They may be dangerous because it is in their blood. No matter the reason, though, these dogs can attack at any time.

Have you or a loved one been attacked by an aggressive dog in Washington State? It is important that you know why the incident took place and who was at fault for your injuries. To learn more about your case, contact Seattle dog bite lawyer Andrew Kim today to schedule a free, private meeting.