A Seattle bike accident attorney discusses the dangers of cycling in groups and how biking groups can help prevent future injuries and collisions.

Washington Group Cycling Accidents: How Biking in Groups Can Result in Collisions

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A tragic Arlington bike accident left a teenaged cyclist dead on June 16. The boy was biking with a large group of cyclists during a charity ride when he fell off of his bike and into the path of an oncoming vehicle. While the event, The Ride to Conquer Cancer, doesn’t have a history of serious bike accidents, crashes do sometimes take place when large groups of riders take to the roads. Some of these accidents are caused by motorized vehicle drivers who don’t know how to share the road, while others are caused by cyclists who break traffic laws don’t properly bike in groups. 

The dangers of riding in large groups

There are a few advantages to biking in groups: you share an activity with friends, you are more visible to others on the road, and you have more eyes on the road scanning for hazards. However, riding with a large group of cyclists can come with added dangers, as well:

  • A group of cyclists take up more of the road, putting some cyclists in danger of being hit. 
  • Cars may not know how to safely pass a group of cyclists. 
  • Groups of cyclists may not know how to appropriately use intersections or how to pass. 
  • Groups of cyclists may not know how to safely change lanes. 
  • Cyclists may blindly follow the group leader or rely on the “herd instinct” for safety. 
  • Cyclists may collide with one another and fall into the path of oncoming traffic. 

How to prevent group cycling accidents 

The best way for cyclists to prevent accidents when riding in groups is to make sure that everyone in the group understands how to properly follow the rules of the road while riding with multiple bikers. This includes understanding how to pass cars, stop at stop signs, and yield to other traffic. In additions, groups of cyclists can identify a group leader and a rear leader to help the bikers safely navigate the road. 

Motorists can also help prevent group cycling accidents by understanding biking laws and by being patient when behind a group of bikers. 

Seattle bike accident attorney 

Whether you are riding solo or with a group of cyclists, bike accidents can happen to anyone. If you have been injured in a cyclist accident in the Seattle area, you should know your rights and your legal options. To learn more about your possible claim, contact personal injury attorney Andrew Kim to schedule a free, private consultation: 800.636.3676.