A Washington personal injury attorney discusses the dangers of interstate on-ramps and off-ramps—and exactly why accidents happen in these areas.

Washington Injury Attorney: On-ramp Accidents & Off-ramp Crashes

Andrew Kim
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This month, we covered the tragic story of a Seattle car accident that took the life of one passenger and injured five other people. The crash, which occurred on the off-ramp of the I-5 exit to 6th Avenue South, took place when the vehicle slammed into a barrier at a high speed. 

This accident is just one recent example of the dangers of interstate off-ramps and on-ramps. While many highway safety lessons focus on driving safely on the interstate itself, it is important to understand that getting on and off of the interstate can be the most dangerous aspect of your trip. Let’s take a closer look. 

On-ramp dangers

Getting onto the interstate can be extremely dangerous, especially in the congested, multilane areas surrounding Seattle and its edge cities. The biggest issue is safely speeding up to enter the flow of traffic and merging without causing an accident. Accidents can take place when merging drivers don’t see oncoming cars, when oncoming cars aren’t paying attention to the speed of merging drivers, or when a merging car suddenly slows or stops, causing a rear-end accident. 

The safest way to use an on ramp is to look for oncoming traffic when you are merging and accelerate to the speed of surrounding traffic quickly but safely. 

Off-ramp dangers

The most common off-ramp accidents take place when a vehicle fails to slow down from interstate speeds when exiting the road—cars run off of the road, run into traffic, or run through stop signs. Off-ramp accidents can also occur when vehicles on the ramp are rear-ended. Tractor-trailer accidents often occur on off-ramps when trucks traveling too fast or trucks with unbalanced loads tip or roll over. The safest way to exit an interstate is to slow down before the exit (but not so much that you affect the flow of traffic around you), note the speed limit on the exit ramp, and be prepared for a sharp turn or curve. 

Seattle car accident attorney 

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