The most dangerous moments in school bus transportation are getting on and off the vehicle. A Seattle kid injury lawyer shares safety tips.

Seattle Kid Injury Attorney: Teach Your Kids How to Get on and off the Bus Safely

Many parents worry about their children injuries in a school bus accident while on their way to school or on their way home. However, most do not realize that the majority of school bus injuries take place when kids are getting onto and getting off of the bus – not while they are inside the vehicle.

How can you help your child safely board the school bus each weekday morning and afternoon? Here is what you (and they) need to know:
  • Stay out of the “no zone” – areas where the bus driver can’t see you, including directly behind the bus, directly in front of the bus, and under the bus. 
  • Never cross the street behind the bus – oncoming cars will not expect children crossing in that area, and the bus will block the view of oncoming vehicles. 
  • Never run to get on to the bus. 
  • Wait to stand up from your seat until the bus has come to a complete stop. 
  • Make eye contact with the bus driver before crossing in front of the school bus. 
  • Make sure your school bags, books, and belongings are secured when getting on and off of the bus. 
  • If you drop something under the bus, do not try to retrieve it without first telling the bus driver. 
  • Do not run to cross in front of the bus. In addition, avoid stopping abruptly or turning abruptly while crossing. 
  • When crossing in front of the bus, take five to ten big steps forward before turning to cross. 
  • When waiting for the bus, wait on the curb and out of the street. 
  • Never roughhouse at the bus stop. 
  • Always wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before stepping off of the curb and toward the bus to board. 
  • Even if the bus driver waves you across the street, be sure to look both ways for oncoming traffic.

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