Learn important lessons about Seattle biking safety and cycling crash prevention from bike accident victims themselves.

Lessons Learned From Seattle Bicycle Accident Victims

This month we wrote a blog about BikeWise.org, a Washington bike accident database run by the Seattle-based Cascade Bicycle Club. The website is a wonderful resource for Seattle cyclists who want to be aware of city bicycle hazards and the locations of recent bike crashes. In addition, the bike accident reports contain “lessons learned” from the Washington bike accidents victims who report their collisions.


Here are some words of advice regarding Seattle bike safety and cycling accident prevention:


  • Always get a police report.

  • Bicyclists are invisible until proven otherwise.

  • Beware of passenger car door openings near schools.

  • Always wear a helmet.

  • Bike lanes can be dangerous, too.

  • Get a good headlight for night riding.

  • Pay attention to road surfaces.

  • Slow down when crossing railroad tracks.

  • Slow down if you are unfamiliar with the route.

  • Ride defensively.

  • It’s okay to stop and walk across railroad tracks and other hazards.

  • Leave extra follow space in wet conditions.

  • Go slowly in hazardous conditions even if cars are tailing you.

  • Keep a finger on the brake.

  • Don’t brake suddenly on a hill.

  • Be ready to stop at unmarked intersections.

  • Always be ready for cars to make sudden turns.

  • Beware of cars using the bike lane to pass.

  • Don’t assume drivers will stop at signs or crosswalks.

  • Look for hazards in construction zones.

  • Don’t slam on your brakes in wet conditions.

  • Keep your eyes on traffic.

  • Make eye contact with drivers.

  • Passing on the right can be dangerous.

  • Slow down at the first sign of roadwork.

  • When in doubt, yield to cars.

  • Sometimes you can’t avoid accidents.


Many of these lessons were learned the hard way – and many can help you have a safer biking commute or recreational ride.


If you have been seriously injured in a Seattle bike accident, be sure that you know your rights and that you receive the compensation that you deserve – whether the accident was caused by poor road design, another driver, or a defective bike. Speak with a Washington personal injury lawyer today about your possible case.