After two serious Seattle Metro accidents in one day, a Seattle pedestrian accident lawyer reviews safety tips for pedestrians walking near buses.

Seattle Pedestrian Accident Lawyer: Seattle Metro Bus Safety

Andrew Kim
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Last Thursday, not one but two pedestrians were involved in separate serious Metro bus accidents in the Seattle area. In one incident, a Seattle woman was seriously injured after stepping off of the curb and into the path of a bus. In the other incident, a Bellevue woman was killed just seconds after stepping off of the bus at her stop.

Whether you are on the street or a passenger yourself, public bus transportation can be dangerous. How can you decrease the chances of an accident and stay safe while sharing the city with the Metro system? Here are a few tips:
  • Know bus blind spots. Bus drivers often deal with high-traffic situations while not being able to see well directly behind and directly in front of their vehicle. If you can’t see the bus driver’s eyes, he or she likely can’t see you. 
  • Watch for frequent stops. Many bus-pedestrian collisions take place when a bus is pulling to the curb to pick up or drop off passengers – or else when the bus is pulling away from a stop. Pay attention to where bus stops are located and expect bus activity in those areas. 
  • Report dangerous drivers. If you see a bus driver breaking the law or driving recklessly, you could save a life by reporting the behavior. If your driver is distracted, under the influence, using a mobile device, speeding, or otherwise endangering passengers, you are doing a service by speaking up. 
  • Stay aware. A new study has found that pedestrians in urban environments can be as easily as distracted as drivers. Walking while talking on a cell phone or walking while listening to headphones can take your ears, eyes, and mind away from the task at hand. 
  • Understand that buses are hard to maneuver. Because of their size and weight, buses take a considerably longer time to slow down, stop, and turn. They also need more room to make maneuvers. If you dart out in front of a bus, it likely won’t have time to avoid you.

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